Janet Quek

According to the company’s press release, she was selected as the campaign’s latest “Legend” because she “is an icon in the world of music and entertainment, a true legend. She represents everything that this storied campaign embodies. Janet is to entertainment what Blackglama is to luxury.” Her endorsement sparked outrage from animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as well as activist Pamela Anderson.

Janet at all times had an passion in music, writing her first song at the age of nine, but she never aspired herself to be a certified singer. Nonetheless, Janet agreed to take part in track simply to lend a hand her family out. Her first ever recording was a duet with baby brother Randy on a track titled ‘A Love Song for Kids’ in 197 Janet could participate in her family’s other recordings, particularly with sister LaToya and brother Michael.

When she was sixteen, her father arranged a contract for her with A&M Records. Her debut album, Janet Jackson, produced by soul singers Angela Winbush, Rene Moore and Leon F. Sylvers III, was released in 1982, the entire production of which was overseen by her father Joseph. It peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot R&B albums chart.

The next thing they both knew they were still in the same spot looking up at the UFO except it had become totally dark, the UFO raised up and flew out of sight leaving them both sitting there, feeling drowsy and wondering what had happened. For the remainder of their summer camp employment Janet and Michael didn’t discuss what they had seen gliding above the lake, perhaps this was their brains protecting themselves from disturbing/creepy memories, and when the summer ended they went their separate ways. But apparently you can never get completely out from under an experience like that because Michael would dream about the UFO kidnapping him from time to time.

One mistake Janet consistently makes during interviews is that she thinks too hard about how to respond to certain questions for fear of saying the wrong thing. My advice: just be honest when answering questions and tell it like it is. I’m not suggesting you say things that are hurtful or damaging, but don’t be afraid to speak truth to power! Whoopi Goldberg is one example of someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and she is a breath of fresh air. True, Janet is no Whoopi, but if her sexually suggestive music is any indication of how open she can be, she should let her music philosophy guide her in interviews.

) Don’t display fake modesty or humility.

While Joe Jackson was stern and gregarious, mother Katherine appeared angelic. For a time earlier than Janet was born, Katherine also held down a role running as a store clerk for Sears. Katherine give up the job once she become a religious Jehovah’s Witness in 196 Katherine Jackson was thought to be the one who ‘kept the glue inside the family’ all over the earlier years.

Alien Abduction case Number 1 happened on the 7th of August in 1968 at Lake Champlain, which is of course also famous for it’s Nessie type monster “Champ”. Buff ledge camp was a girls camp sitting on the shore of the Lake, and that afternoon 2 of the camp’s employees, Janet Cornell and Michael Lapp were sitting together looking out at the lake and enjoying some free time. Just as the sun was going down the 2 employees witnessed a bright light in the sky, this light began to descend and move closer towards their position and while it had first appeared to be round in shape as it got closer they could make out that it was flatter.

The aliens examining Janet and Talking to Michael were all alike, around 4 feet tall with large heads, eyes and small lipless mouths, one of them told Michael that their mission was to “make life in other places”. Janet also later underwent hypnotic regression and her story backed up Michaels, she recalled being lifted up into the UFO, and later lying on a cold table being basically poked and prodded.

Ten years crept by, as they do, and Michael finally decided to find out what had happened to himself and Janet that night. He got in touch with the Centre for UFO Studies and an Investigator there named Walter Webb listened to Michaels sighting/abduction story and suggested regression hypnosis. While “under” Michael recalled the beam that the UFO shone down which had made them feel light had actually lifted them into the craft, they had been flown to a larger craft and at one point Michael had seen Janet examined on a table.

Janet continued her acting career showing briefly in a short lived sitcom titled ‘A New Kind of Family’, which was cancelled in early 198 In 1981, she landed a recurring function on some other family sitcom, ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ playing Charlene Duprey. With her love passion performed by Todd Bridges, who played Willis on the show, Janet, now 15, formally was an adolescent idol. She would leave the show in 1982 after her music career started to take off. But she would soon find herself again in the TV box by means of 1984 after her father ordered the 18 year old to take the position of Cleo Hewitt in ‘Fame’. She left the display in 1985 and closed the door of her TV career.