How A Towing Company, 24 Hour Towing Atlanta, Saved Our Grits

I say “grits” because this is a family blog. It’s time for us at Friends of Janet’s Planet to give a big shout-out to 24 Hour Towing Atlanta ( after they came through for us big time!

Every Saturday, our van does the rounds in the Atlanta metroplex picking up kids and willing parents for the screening of our favorite show on the big screen in the home movie theater setup of one of our more healed members.

Seating thirty-five and offering amenities like popcorn and candy, this home theater setting is a perfect place for us to see the show in a warm and friendly environment. The kids really love it!

What wasn’t so much fun was when an unbelievable quirk of fate caused trouble one Saturday morning while picking up participants.

At one stop, our van, only half-filled with passengers was in a holding pattern waiting for the arrival of a car pooling mother. Everybody got out to stretch their legs.

Lo and behold, somehow the doors of the van all became shut with the locks engaged. There we were, locked out of our vehicle with the motor running inside.

When we saw 24 hour towing Atlanta on our smart phone search queue, we knew we had found the right place!

Instant Solutions for Troublesome Issues

Our 2004 Ford Econoline E-350, 15 passenger van is a pretty good workhorse. The windows roll up and fit into channels so the idea of trying to get coat hanger into the passenger window and pop the lock was totally out of the question.

When we saw 24 hour towing Atlanta in our search and called their dispatchers, they immediately zeroed in on our location. Because they cover a pretty big territory, they were able to get a truck to our location in twelve minutes. That is amazingly fast for anything to happen in Atlanta!

The very skilled tow truck driver, equipped with a long, hooked metal rod-like device stepped up to the door of the van and amazingly tugged on something from deep within the door that popped the lock open just as well as you might have done with a key!

It was fast! The lightning fast speed that the entire 24 Hour Towing Atlanta organization provided was amazing!

When We Find A Good Company, We Keep Them

 After we had looked for 24 hour towing Atlanta and found out about the company, we learned about the broad variety of services they perform. Our club has a considerable membership and among them, there are a variety of needs that erupt where we could use the services of 24 Hour Towing Atlanta.

Since we were lucky enough to hook up with them, we’ve had two members take advantage of their junk car towing service. We’ve had a additional two members had them help us with flat tires, and another member who needed rescue following an engine breakdown.

24 Hour Towing Atlanta turned out to be a great friend for us providing fast and excellent quality service in each and every way we utilized them. They are truly the greatest!